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SIMS Discover Wins Award for Innovation in ERA Awards 2012
20 March 2012: Capita's SIMS Discover has won a prestigious Education Resources Award (ERA) 2012 in the Innovation category.

The accolade, presented on Friday 16 March at The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, recognises that SIMS Discover, a software tool that helps teachers analyse their pupil information easily so that they can support children's progress, is ahead of current thinking.

The ERA panel of judges comprising teachers and education specialists reported that they "were impressed by this application that allows non-specialists to interrogate [pupil] data in a user-friendly way. We thought it was new and exciting. It is an intuitive management tool that literally allows anyone to grab, touch, feel and understand trends in data, such as which pupils or groups of pupils are struggling or who are misbehaving regularly. The ability to further interrogate the data is also available by drilling down into a data item to reveal the underlying pupil data."

Phil Neal, managing director of Capita SIMS, said: "It is fantastic that SIMS Discover has emerged triumphant in this year's ERA Awards.

"Now more than ever, schools are expected to ensure they raise the attainment of every child, regardless of the intake, the mobility of pupils, or their home circumstances. The software enables teachers and school leaders to take their interaction with pupil information to the next level so they understand what is holding their students back and take action to remove barriers to greater achievement."

With SIMS Discover, school leaders and teachers can simply select which data they wish to analyse and drop these data palettes into the colour graph of their choice.

They may want to look at Year 7's attendance or the achievement of boys receiving free school meals, for example. With SIMS Discover, graphs can be created quickly and easily that will help schools to spot patterns, such as persistent absence or a child that is falling below the expected levels of achievement. They can then make meaningful interventions based on what the information is telling them.

SIMS Discover can be set up to alert teachers when children fall into various categories such as a vulnerable group with poor attendance and behaviour or children that have gained 100 house points with full attendance. They can then address issues or provide encouragement to help raise their pupils' achievement in school.

Jane Girle, head teacher at Penn Wood Primary School, said: "SIMS Discover shows you the children behind the data as it brings up the pupil's picture. It helps the data come to life and it's what we have been waiting for. It's so user friendly, it's visual and it fits the 21st century as it helps us learn about the children. We just love the way it works."

To see SIMS Discover in action, visit www.youtube.com and search for 'Introducing SIMS Discover'.

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Capita contact:
Phil Neal, Managing Director, Capita SIMS, Tel: 01234 838 080 Press contact:
To arrange interviews, for further information or images, please contact,
Rebecca Bremner, Catherine Lane PR, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY.
Tel: 07092 872720. About Capita SIMS:
Capita SIMS is the leading supplier of information systems to the education sector, providing a range of software and services to schools and local authorities to help raise standards and reduce administration. Capita's SIMS is the most popular management information system for schools and is used every day by more than 22,000 educational establishments in the UK.

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Date: 20/03/2012
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