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Mon 3rd Aug, 2015, 1:32am
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RAF Museum

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The Royal Air Force Museum is Britain's only national museum dedicated wholly to aviation.

The Museum is situated on the site of the original London Aerodrome, used for the great Hendon Air Shows between the two World Wars. Five mammoth buildings contain over a hundred aircraft, artefacts, aviation memorabilia, fine art and photographs covering the history of aviation from early balloon flights to the latest jet fighters.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of powered flight, the Royal Air Force Museum has unveiled a new exhibition, 'Milestones of Flight'. The exhibition traces the history of the first century of powered flight and some of the most important Royal Air Force aircraft are displayed, along with classics from the USA, Germany, Japan and France.

A second new exhibition hall, the historic Grahame-White Building, which was part of the original Grahame-White Aircraft Factory sited on the old Hendon Aerodrome, has been dismantled, moved to the Museum site and completely restored. In its new position, the Grahame-White Factory truly complements the new Milestones of Flight Exhibition building and the other exhibition halls. The Museum has created a time warp back to the early days of aviation, by featuring many of its oldest aircraft.

Younger visitors are encouraged to experiment with interactive exhibits in Aeronauts - interactive. An upper floor allows you to overlook the Historic Hangars in all their glory and specially constructed platforms enable you to get up close to the aircraft.

Mission Statement

The Museum exists to educate and inform present and
future generations about:
1. The history and traditions of the Royal Air Force
2. Air Power and Defence
3. Aviation links with the Royal Air Force

And to promote the Royal Air Force

Our Promise
We promise to do this by the integrated use of exhibitions, collections and the knowledge and expertise of the staff. We aim to maintain our position as a centre of excellence, to enlighten, excite and entertain our customers and provide them all with a quality service

Access & Learning
Grahame Park Way
United Kingdom

Telephone No: 020 8358 4980
Fax No: N/A
Email Address: education-hendon@rafmuseum.org
Internet Address: http://www.rafmuseum.org/
Contact Name: Education Learning
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